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What's New

New features added to DB SynchroComp 4.0 (March 19, 2005) are:

  • SQL Server 2005 2005 compatible: it is possible to synchronize SQL 7 or 2000 databases with SQL 2005 (using the subset of features supported by the older server version in the comparison process)
  • following object types introduced with 2005: schemas, synonyms and assemblies (within triggers, stored procedures, functions, aggregate functions and types) can be compared & synhronized
  • XML datatypes
  • filters have been introduced in order to make the selective synchronization effortless; easy to setup and manage; filter definitions can be saved which is convenient with repeated synchronizations
  • dll enables DB SynchroComp functionality to be used within end-user written applications context
  • DB SynchroComp Light: free version for remote clients; they can use it in order to complete one of the following three tasks:

    · database snapshot creation (the snapshot will be used by remote developer to generate synchronization script with full version of DB SynchroComp and then send it back to remote client)

    · two database sunchronization using the source database snapshot which has been created with the full DB SynchroComp version and sent by remote developer

    · execution of script generated by full DB SynchroComp version
  • and other smaller improvements
  • New features added to DB SynchroComp 3.4.0 (July 11, 2005) are:

  • when possible ALTER TABLE is used instead of: saving data to temporary table; droping; creating new table and repopulating from temporary table (significantly faster)
  • simulation of the synchronization process now possible. Following steps are automated:
  •     destination database backup
  •     restoring into temporary database
  •     synchronization script execution against temporary database
  •     temporary database deleting
  • this feature enables you to test the synchronization with absolutely no risk of loosing data
  • Notification*: synchronization process is always in transaction
  • option for ignoring column ordering in tables
  • option for ignoring encrypted objects (useful if they are encrypted with some third party tools)
  • for the sake of easier manipulation, all tables' objects (indexes, triggers, column defaults...) are now displayed in separate groups as well as with associated tables
  • possibility to include/exclude individual fields into/from synchronization process
  • and other small improvements

    New features added to DB SynchroComp 3.3.1 (Jan 1, 2005) are:

  • few small fixes
  • New features added to DB SynchroComp 3.3.0 (Sep 16, 2004) are:

  • options for selective (by types) deletion of extra objects on destination side added
  • the algorithm for object dependencies determination generally improved, especially regarding the extra object deletion order
  • alter database, now works if the database has schema bound functions
  • many other smaller improvements
  • New features added to DB SynchroComp 3.2.1 (Jun 22, 2004) are:

  • bug with case sensitive collations fixed
  • New features added to DB SynchroComp 3.2.0 (Jun 14, 2004) are:

  • step by step script execution option added. Breakpoints setting possible (insert/remove; enable/disable; remove all etc.)
  • it is now possible to choose between an automatic rollback and a stop on error option
  • apart from row and column number, in the new version editor also shows the row number of a particular batch
  • new option for error tracking added. Line containing the error is marked in order to quickly locate the source of problem
  • Full-Text Catalogs support added
  • bug with Save DB Schema to File process fixed
  • bug with repopulating the tables containing calculated columns fixed
  • bug with Extended Properties (in certain databases only) fixed

    New features added to DB SynchroComp 3.0.0 (Feb 29, 2004) are:

  • it is now possible to save the database schema in the file and to use it later instead of connecting to the SQL Server
  • support for extended properties added
  • a possibility of saving the differences report in the txt file added. The basic information about the objects that differ: type, name, side and the difference type (in the tables and views) are included in the report
  • sp_helpdb stored procedure could not be executed on all the MS SQL Servers (?). Workaround is made to avoid this problem in the future
  • the script generation option for the entire database is now more intuitive
  • handling of the unique constraints added
  • New features added to DB SynchroComp 2.3.4 (Dec 29, 2003) are:

  • another small problem with Filegroups fixed
  • New features added to DB SynchroComp 2.3.3 (Dec 26, 2003) are:

  • problem with Filegroups fixed: now works correctly if indexes of table/view are in different Filegroups
  • New features added to DB SynchroComp 2.3.2 (Dec 23, 2003) are:

  • bug introduced with ver 2.3.1 fixed: dbsc failed to start correctly on some systems
  • New features added to DB SynchroComp 2.3.1 (Nov 11, 2003) are:

  • dbsc now uses column rows from sysindexes instead of rowcnt. Now works correctly with SQL 7.0.
  • algorithm for checking dependent objects improved (now it takes care about the non existing objects listed in sysindexes table)
  • New features added to DB SynchroComp 2.3.0 (July 28, 2003) are:

  • new options regarding encryption on target side allow synchronization of stored procedures, functions, views and triggers even if these are encrypted on target side. If this option is turned on, then target objects will be encrypted. This option uses system tables and works safely only if the synchronization is done with the DB SynchroComp. If something is changed manually, DB SynchroComp can't be sure about the creation order of objects on the source and target databases.
  • option for ignoring comments when comparing added
  • some minor problems with ignoring white spaces fixed
  • bug fixed: when new field is a foreign key or part of foreign key, and if its name is different than the name of the corresponding field in the primary key of a relation, DB SynchroComp used to generate the incorrect values for foreign key field. Now works well in all cases
  • New features added to DB SynchroComp 2.2.1 (Feb 19, 2003) are:

  • defect introduced with MS SQL sp3 fixed. DB SynchroComp used sysindexes.status field for determining index type (e.g. Unique, Clustered). Now, DB SynchroComp uses INDEXPROPERTY (built in MS SQL function) that makes it work with later service packs.
  • bug introduced in v2.2.0 fixed: DB SynchroComp works with the case-sensitive instances of SQL Server again
  • some dialogs to warn users about overwriting the manually modified script added
  • New features added to DB SynchroComp 2.2.0 (Jan 31, 2003) are:

  • DB SynchroComp now works faster. This is best seen when comparing large databases
  • when deciding on an object creation order, DB SynchroComp now takes care of the tables dependent on the functions. This dependence can happen when there is a computed column that requires a function call
  • bug fixed: linefeeds were not compared correctly
  • Connection Manager now remembers its state, so when you re-open it, you will see the trees expanded exactly as they were the last time you closed the Connection Manager window
  • New features added to DB SynchroComp 2.1.0 (Dec 15, 2002) are:

  • new Database dialog box with features: 
  • comparison history list that holds all your previous connections
  • it is possible to save the connection parameters for server and organize them into folders
  • export and import of the comparison list and connection parameters
  • bug fixed: DB SynchroComp now recognizes multiple indexes with the same name and creates them all in the target database
  • New features added to DB SynchroComp 2.0.0 (Sep 18, 2002) are:

  • if some objects can't be created, warning message will appear
  • on Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, script will execute even if user doesn't have a permission to execute the insert into/bulk copy command
  • improved user interface
  • DB SynchroComp will now check if user has the permission to create another user and, if necessary, report it
  • objects that can't be created, can't be selected for synchronization
  • new options added:
  • it is possible to select the object type for which the synchronization will be done
  • taking care about the file groups
  • when comparing tables, ansi-padding is included
  • reloading data from server is not necessary after changing options
  • tables in the target database can be dropped
  • algorithm for checking dependent objects improved (now it takes care about the user that created the object, not only the object name)
  • NewFieldsNotification feature added
  • indexes and relations are created after restoring data into tables
  • bug fixed: pressing Ctrl-X in editor led to the application closure


    "DB SynchroComp has proved to be an invaluable tool for our business. The support we have received from e-dule has been first rate - all of our feature requests have been added to the product making it even more powerful and easy for us to use."

    Robert West

    "DBSynchrocomp has saved me tons of development hours and remains the best product of this kind I know of."

    Torsten Heinze
    flexSCAPE, LLC

    "We looked at the [NOTE: name removed] products, and yours is simpler, faster and runs the scripts, all round a much much better tool."

    Nick Scales

    "... and all compliments to DBSC, and to the author as well. I tried other tools, but I have not found any that can be used in professional environment."

    Nikola Smirčić


    "Since our customer databases contain critical financial data we must be sure that no data are being lost when we are upgrading the database. I have tried a lot of different sql-sync programs, but my experience is that DBSC generates the safest script to preserve data, it is the most timesaving and has a simple user interface."

    Tord Nilsen
    Elfo AS


    "This has been an invaluable tool to me while updating my beta sites. I am going through rapid development/release cycles that usually require extensive additions/modifications to the architecture of the database. It could sometimes take me hours to perform an update at a single site. DBSynchroComp has literally reduced this to minutes and I never have to worry about the accuracy of the results.The support is great as well. I highly recommend DBSyncroComp to anyone with a need to quickly and accurately synchronize db schema."

    Jeff Baldwin